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‘A wonderfully illustrated story, perfect for kids who find family or school life can get a little too much. Highly recommended.’  Wishing Shelf 

I very, very much enjoyed this delightful Eastern European tale,  superbly illustrated by Damla Cömertpay Öztϋrk. The writing style, often simple but always very, very visual, works perfectly for a  picture book of this nature. Pacing is also excellent, the  paragraphs never overly long, perfect for a restless child at  bedtime. 

There was so much to enjoy here, whether it be the wonderfully playful language – words like ‘hooting’, ‘hollering’ and ‘befuddled’ – or the very clever way the story tells the child how, when life  gets overwhelming, it is possible to find a little peace. I also loved how the author sprinkled Polish words in amongst the text; I suspect teachers will particularly like this. A thoroughly charming story. 

Now to the pics. They are, to be totally honest, superb. For my daughter (who also read the book), they were the best part of the book. Yes, she enjoyed the plot and getting to know Sweet Pea, her loud family, and the wise woman next door, but it was the colorful, even delightful drawings that kept her interest. There are plenty too, and they, along with the lightly written story, kept her enthralled all evening. 

So, who would I recommend this book to? I would think any parent who is looking for a well-written, skillfully plotted, bedtime story for children aged 5 – 7 would find this fits the bill perfectly. Particularly if the child finds family life can get a little too hectic. It´s also excellent as a way of introducing simple yoga to a young child. 

I always like to end with what I liked the best. For me, it was this: She opened the door to ─ NOISE and CHAOS! Her brothers were rowdy and rambunctious, and her little sisters were hooting and  hollering. It reminded me a bit of my family! 


A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review 

A delightful book that recognizes though outer events can be chaotic, we can still create inner peace. Through the power of imagery, this book speak directly to children, and also the child within the adult, reminding us of the power of breathing and taking the time to stretch and focus within. A wonderful introduction to the benefits of a yoga practice!

Jill Bittinger, author and Montessori educator, founder of Transformed Education

A Yoga Storytelling Adventure; Peace and Quiet is a fun and exciting way to introduce mindful practices to children that will benefit them for many years to come! This book is a fun and entertaining way to introduce healthy and positive practices into children's daily activities. The Polish Word Fun, story, breathing exercises and Yoga Fun all work together perfectly to keep the reader engaged and excited about breathing and having fun with yoga!

Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, Yoga Teacher & Trainer, Author of Mindful Coloring and Affirmations

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