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"I love the concept of combining yoga and reading together. Not only does it make reading fun, children also get to learn how to improve the health of their bodies and minds. The illustrations in the book are beautiful and eye catching. This book also give readers definitions to words that they may not have learned before and explains the meanings throughout the book. All in all, I loved everything about the book; the pictures, the heroic story line, and all of the yoga poses with the descriptions that relate back to the story."

Jessica Hooper, Program Coordinator Saline County Boys and Girls Club

"Kids will enjoy this wonderful Hawaiian story where two brothers get into a predicament and the shark god helps them out. Throughout the story, the reader learns Hawaiian words and customs. A bonus is learning yoga poses and meditation! 

Cindi Ninni Grant, children's author 

This is my first time reading a yoga story, and I couldn't have started with a better one.

Revolving around Hawaiin culture, this story tells us of two brothers who save a shark, but then break a rule within their village. Their father seeks help with their punishment via the Shark God, and not to ruin it, but it does have a happy ending.

The book starts with a quote from the Dalai Lama, followed by a letter to parents, and then leads into some quick instruction on the Hawaiian language. The story begins, and with some beautiful illustrations throughout, takes us on a wonderful Hawaiian journey. Not finished yet, the book then leads us through Loving-Kindness Compassion Meditation and ends with 4 pages of yoga poses that coincide with the story.

I love everything about this book. It is packed, cover to cover, with so much, and I am here for it. I can't wait to get a physical copy of it in my hands to share with my family.

Lee Ann

I loved this story and how it integrated yoga and Hawaiian culture. When one of the boys makes a "forbidden" mistake, we get to see karma in action. Loved the Hawaiian words and how the story integrated yoga. Magical. As a former elementary school teacher, highly recommend.


The spirit of Hawaii

Teaching yoga in children's books is not easy task, but this book achieved it in a creative way. The author combined good Hawaii story with elements of yoga, making theirs book more than a yoga book. It is a book about problem solving. It resembles a Polynesian folk tale with exciting characters and engaging illustrations showing the island life. The yoga poses are easy to follow. The vocabulary word guide is helpful and clear. It helps children learn Hawaiian culture, new words, and simple yoga poses. The courage of the two boys is gripping, and father’s love for his sons is heartwarming. The lesson to do the right thing is on point.

Bottom line: this book is a great introduction to the ancient Hawaii and some elements of yoga. It teaches bravery, determination, empathy, and offers some yoga poses. The artwork is bright. It supports the storyline well. Overall, it is a good book for families with young children who love history, nature, and yoga.

Mrs. D.

A unique story, indeed. Beautifully illustrated, lovely narration, cultural identity is really explicit. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and so did my kids. The yoga bit at the end is very handy, though I doubt I will ever get to practice it, my daughter was very interested in and I am happy to see that it caught her attention in such a way.

Nina Maxim

"Kauhuhu" is a children's book with a unique blend of Hawaiian culture, yoga, and life lessons. While some aspects of the story may appear confusing or contradictory, the book's illustrations are captivating and bring the narrative to life. It has the potential to spark children's interest in Hawaii, its culture, and yoga. However, the connection between the story and the yoga poses at the end could be more seamless. Overall, it offers a valuable message of compassion and connection.

 Kevin Fan 

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