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Forever Friends is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for parents and educators and is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. Using a rigorous evaluation process, entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost. Around the world, parents, educators, retailers and members of the media trust the MCA Honoring Excellence seal when selecting quality products and services for families and children.

 Mom’s Choice Award

Kirkus, the book review giant, chose Forever Friends as one of their Best Books of 2020! 

The following is their starred review: 

"Two animals form an unbreakable friendship in this cheerful, yoga-inclusive picture-book sequel.  A gray and purple royal elephant has everything he could wish for—except a friend. Then a stray dog enters the palace grounds and asks to share the elephant’s food, and the two form a bond. Later, a merchant visiting the palace takes the canine away, which leaves the elephant bereft. It’s only after the palace adviser explains the elephant’s heartbreak to the king that the two animals are reunited once again. Moyer and Hudson, the authors of the previous Yoga Storytelling Adventure The Impossible Dream (2017), offer a simply told story in accessible English with a few Hindi words, defined in an introductory glossary. All of the human characters refreshingly try to do their best; they realize their error in separating the animals and react with kindness. Pitcher’s playful illustrations beautifully show the elephant’s emotions; when she and the dog meet again, the elephant’s coloring changes to a joyful purple-pink. At the end of the book, Moyer and Hudson, both yoga teachers, clearly encourage young readers to do yoga poses named after the story’s characters, including the elephant, the king, and the dog.  A pleasant tale of friendship with a happy ending—and extra yoga inspiration."

Kirkus Review

The artwork in this book is stunning! With vivid colors and a unique style, I found myself drawn in first just to enjoy the gorgeous art! And then there is an adventurous story! This is a delightful retelling of a folktale, set in India, about a palace elephant who befriends a homeless dog. The two become faithful friends when the dog follows the smell of food, and the elephant shares his supper. The dog is later given away to a merchant, and the elephant grieves so much that the king becomes worried. The merchant is finally located in a nearby town, and the dog is returned, which makes them both happy again. There are Hindi words woven throughout the story, a word guide at the beginning for both pronunciation and making little readers/hearers alert to listen to them. Behind the scenes, the story is also about yoga poses! At the end of the book there are drawings of poses with descriptive instructions that match the people and things in the story, like an elephant bend, a heartbroken pose, and downward facing dog. It would be fun to read the book with an active toddler or early learner, and do the poses as you read. I highly recommend this unique find! 

Laura Thomae Young, Cuddle Up Books

Forever Friends is sure to become one of your child’s favorite books with lessons that will follow into adulthood and beyond. The subtle integration of Sanskrit words honors the Indian origin of yoga, while expanding awareness of a different language and alphabet. The posture selection that accompanies the story add a special dimension that children will enjoy. Instead of just listening to the story, they can become the story. My four-year-old grandchild loves it. 

Lanier Cordell, Yoga Therapist Certified IAYT, 500 hour E-RYT, Certified Chair Yoga, Children’s yoga teacher, writer and more


As a yogi and a mother, I am always looking for better ways to keep my littles engaged in our practice. We love The Impossible Dream and were excited to read Forever Friends. The authors have the uncanny ability to reach children without dumbing down the text. The language drives my kids’ curiosity while the story’s relatability keeps them engaged and prevents distraction. The wholistic message keeps them talking about the lesson for days and asking to repeat the practice over and over. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful experience.

Lori Lawson, Mother of 9


Forever Friends is an adaptation of an Indian folktale about love and friendship.  This lovely tale features an unusual friendship between an elephant and a dog.  As children experience the story through words, pictures, and yoga, they learn that friendships with those unlike ourselves are not only possible, but fulfilling. What a nice way to teach about friendship and diversity!

Peggy Thibodeaux, retired librarian 

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