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Our Story

Once upon time there were two mighty librarians

who were passionate about promoting literacy, health,

and well-being. 

Melanie and Kathe, aka the twisted sisters, grew up

in the heat and humidity of New Orleans where we

spent much of our time reading books in Mimosa trees

and dreaming of adventure!

We now stretch bodies and minds through timeless wisdom tales told with a yogic twist.

Our series, A Yoga Storytelling Adventure, introduces kids to yoga offering a unique interactive experience that enhances their curiosity about the world while encouraging their innate creativity and engaging them in mindful movement. Each book includes a full description of yoga poses inspiring kids to make the story come alive!

Our books not only educate, they enchant, entertain and enlighten!

Melanie has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. Her experience as a youth services librarian was a catalyst for sharing story and yoga. She is a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher as well as a Certified Chair Yoga Teacher. Her passion for sharing yoga also extends to adults of all ages.

Kathe has more than 20 years in the fields of Education and Library and Information Science. Story and yoga enchanted her and she became a Master Certified Storytime Yoga Teacher. She believes we create our lives by the stories we tell.

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