Once upon time there were two mighty librarians...


Our passion for storytelling and yoga led us to develop an imaginative program that combines the two. A yoga storytelling adventure introduces kids to yoga through storytelling, promoting literacy as well as health and well-being.


Our intention is to inspire kids to express themselves through story and yoga. Everyday we tell a story. The thoughts we think, the words we say, and the actions we take all tell a story. Yoga helps us become aware of these thoughts, words, and actions. It helps us tell a better story, and everyone loves a good story!

This led us to writing children's books adapted from ancient wisdom tales. These stories instill the timeless virtues of honesty, kindness, compassion, friendship, and believing in oneself.  Our books not only enchant, they entertain and enlighten! 

The Twisted Sisters

Melanie Moyer

Melanie has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science.

Her experience as a youth services librarian was the catalyst  for sharing story and yoga. She is a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Chair Yoga Teacher. 

Kathe Hudson

Kathe has more than 25 years in the fields of Education and Library and Information Science. Story and yoga enchanted her and she became a Master Certified Storytime Yoga Teacher, 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Chair Yoga Teacher. 

2017 - 2020

Melanie Moyer and Kathe Hudson  

Moving-Tale, LLC