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These are just a few testimonials!!


"I knew that some of the kids would like the yoga but ALL of them did!"... librarian

“My son enjoyed this so much, even more than my daughter!"... parent

“When can we do this again? It was so much fun.”


“Thank you for giving my daughter this opportunity. It was fantastic.”... parent

“This was not only fun but informative.” ... parent


“I just want you to know, my children are still talking about yoga storytime. They enjoyed it so much. We have been to different storytimes but this is the one they want to come back to. People often complain when things go wrong, but we need to remember to say thank you when things go well. So, thank you.” ...parent

"Thank you, the kids loved it. They are going to go home and talk about it. This was perfect, we are working on story sequencing."...headstart teacher

“That was phenomenal! He is usually very shy and he participated and loved it.”


“The kids love the yoga.”...grandmother


“Are we doing yoga today?”...child


“This program is Beautiful!”...parent


"My kids loved it! We have never been able to get our kids to participate in anything and today they both participated. Thank you for doing that! ...parent

"That was great, that was fun!"...child

“I had a great time!” ...child


“That was awesome, we will be coming again!”...parent


“You guys should do this more often.” ...parent

“Ya’ll did a good job keeping all these kids engaged.”...grandparent

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my children and I enjoyed your presentation this afternoon. I am so happy to share my love of yoga and reading with my children! Keep up the good work!"...parent

kids writing on board
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